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So I have decided to write a story during summer and well i’ve finished the prologue. Check it out if you want :) feedback is great.

scruffydemondean asked:
soooo you should totally write a thingie for the first time that Sammy catches Dean smoking a cigarette?? Or a joint? Idk.


Let’s do this! *cracks knuckles* I hope you aren’t expecting much.


February 15, 1997

It had been a long day. John and the boys had just finished up a hunt in a small town about an hour’s drive from Huntsville, Alabama called Elkmont. It was a routine ghoul hunt Bobby had tipped them off to while they were on their way back to Sioux Falls.

"You boys go get cleaned up and meet me back here in a couple hours, just have a few things to iron out with the local PD and we can hit the road." John ordered, breathing a bit heavily from the fight they had just finished up. He brushed a bit of dust off of his leather jacket, pulled out a handkerchief and handed it over to Sam.

"Keep pressure on that cut for a little while and wash it up when you get back to the motel, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt if you’d been paying attention" he said before tucking his hand into his pocket to grab the keys to the Impala.

"Yes sir," Sam replied, ducking his head and pressing the square of cloth over his right forearm.

"Now let’s be fair dad, that little ghoul was slippery, can’t blame Sam for loosing his grip for a second," Dean said defensively, but not too aggressively.

"Two hours," John looked Dean sternly in the eyes and tossed the keys towards Dean, who caught them with one hand while wrapping the other around Sam’s lanky shoulder and prodding him towards the car.

"Come on Sammy, let’s go get you cleaned up," Dean smirked as he opened up the drivers side door.

"It’s Sam, Dean, I’m not 10 anymore okay?" Sam replied, shaking his head as he climbed into the passenger seat.

The Impala fired up and they were barreling down the road in no time, classic rock blasting out of the speakers. Sam reached to the dial and turned the song down just as it was getting good.

"Hey now Sammy, you know the rules —" Dean started and brought his hand up to the dial, but was interrupted by Sam’s hand.

"Look Dean, thanks for having my back back there, I screwed up pretty bad," Sam said quietly, bringing his eyes up to meet his brothers for a split second before turning the music back up. Dean turned the volume back down and smirked his trademark smirk that faded into a warm smile.

"I’ve always got your back Sammy," he replied, roughing up his brother’s hair a little before turning the music back up and belting out the bridge. Sam couldn’t help but smile back at his brother and sing along as well.

Dean pulled into the motel parking lot and tossed the room key to Sam.

"Get yourself cleaned up and pack everything into the trunk okay? I need to pick up a few things from the store down the street." Dean said, gesturing down the road.

"Hey get me some trail mix while you’re in there," Sam replied, unlocking the door to the motel room. He stepped inside and closed the door behind him. Sam walked over to the bathroom and turned the water on to take a shower. He reached into his pockets and emptied them out on the table where he’d researched the town’s history. It only took him a second to realize he’d been in charge of keeping track of the money and had all the bills in his wallet. He opened the motel room door and called out for Dean, but got no reply. He ran back into the bathroom and shut off the water and went back outside to try to find Dean.

He rounded the corner of the motel office when he noticed someone leaning up against the wall, one hand to his mouth, the other resting on the wall behind him. A puff of smoke rose up and out as he lowered his hand and tapped the ashes off of the end of the cigarette. He dropped it and stomped it out before turning towards Sam. Sam ducked around the corner and walked quickly back to their room. He turned around at the door and looked around for Dean again. 

Dean came back around the corner and raised his hands in the air in confusion.

"You all cleaned and packed up already?" He yelled across the empty parking lot.

"Uh no, I just realized you didn’t have any money so I came out to look for you." Sam replied, holding the wad of bills up in the air.

"Great minds think alike Sammy, I came back right when I realized," Dean said as he came within arms reach of the money. He reached up and grabbed the bills but Sam didn’t let go.

"What’s the deal, you want your trail mix or not Sammy?" Dean questioned, a smirk still on his face.

"Dean, I…uh…." Sam stammered.

"You what? You okay Sammy? Did something happen to you?" Dean asked, worry filling his eyes as his mouth dropped.

"No, no, it’s, I’m, it’s nothing, really, here," Sam answered, handing Dean the cash, "just don’t get the kind with raisins okay?"

"You sure you’re okay Sammy?" Dean asked one last time.

"I’m fine Dean, just remember I’ve always got your back too okay?" Sam replied before walking back into the motel room.

Dean stood still for a second before turning towards the street, tapping the wad of cash against his hand, wondering what his little brother had meant.


Okay I’m so sorry this took forever and on top of that it’s REALLY bad too and you don’t deserve that. <3 Love you Veez!

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